For the glory of old State, For her founders strong and great, For the future that we wait, Raise the song, raise the song. Sing our love and loyalty, Sing our hopes that bright and free Rest, O mother dear, with thee, All with thee, […]

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Google Fun

I’ve been somewhat of a Google Geek since about 1998, when I read a paper by Brin and Page while I in still working on my M.I.S.  I knew they were going make something big, only I didn’t have a good business mind back then.  […]

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Research Paper Frustration

Meredith Farkas highlights one of my other frustrations with research paper assignments in her blog post, “I need three peer reviewed articles” or the Freshman research paper.    With today’s technology and search engines, it is certainly much easier to search for and find ‘peer-reviewed’ […]

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