Ten Reasons First Strides is For You


Number One:
You’re a woman! First Strides is a beginner walking and running workshop just for women, only women. Women tend to prefer group activities and enjoy the social aspect of those activities. First Strides works in groups and encourages participants to be social!

Number Two:
First Strides is a gradual 12-week program that will help you comfortably progress from the couch to walking, jogging or running at a pace that’s right for you. Many times people start off on their own saying “I want to run a 5K” and then start off running too far and too fast. With First Strides you’ll work with others within your same pace.

Number Three:
It doesn’t matter where you are with your fitness right now. Never exercised? Start at a walking pace. Take casual walks now? Slowly add a jog into your routine. Running already? Build up your distance and endurance.

Number Four:
With First Strides you’ll not only develop a fitter body but you’ll also develop a fitness mindset. It’s easy to come up with excuses to not work out: “I don’t have time,” “It’s too hard,” “I might get injured,” etc. Mentors guide you through First Strides and help erase those doubts.

Number Five:
It will become habit forming. Because this is a 12-week program, you’ll begin to develop workout habits. First Strides meets once per week, there is also a bonus night, and participants have ‘homework’ to add additional workouts. Making exercise a regular habit makes it much easier to maintain your fitness.

Number Six:
It’s one of the most cost effective exercise programs. No gym membership or overly expensive equipment. A pair of sneakers, an athletic sports bra, shorts, and a top are your only equipment needs. $50 (or $45 early bird) is the cost of the program, which covers 12 weeks and you get a good workout shirt if you attend a certain number of times.

Number Seven:
You’ll be healthier. Women tend to exercise less than men. Men are almost twice as active as women and that negatively impacts women’s overall health. First Strides provides a solid foundation to change that trend.

Number Eight:
You’ll learn important health, fitness, and nutrition information. Each week highlights a different speaker and a different topic, such as heart health, cross training, proper footwear, bone health, and much more.

Number Nine:
First Strides provides a goal for you. The fall program helps you develop so that you can participate in the Women’s 5K Classic in the Lehigh Parkway on Saturday, October 18, 2014. Participation is optional and there is an additional fee for this event.

Number Ten:
It’s easy to register and starts the week of July 28! For more information and to register for any of several First Strides programs offered throughout the Lehigh Valley, please visit the website:  http://www.firststrides.com/

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