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THATCamp Lehigh Valley is March 1-2 at Lehigh University.  Day one is workshop day and we are starting with WordPress.


WordPress.comMany people know WordPress as a blogging tool, but it can be used for much more.  Participants were asked to set up a WordPress account in advance, so those steps were not part of this workshop.  You can use WordPress as a website, too, as I do for my site.  An example used in the workshop was First-Year Lehigh Engineers.

To get started, you will want to decide on how you want your site to look.  Under the WordPress dashboard, you can select your look and feel by going under ‘Appearance’ and selecting your theme.  The theme used for the workshop was ‘Titan’.

Titan Theme

We then went through some general settings in WordPress, where you can set your blog settings for how people can view, read, discuss, etc. your posts.

Next up is actually doing a post in WordPress, such as this one!  Adding text and media is fairly straightforward.  One thing to look at for a post is to look at your setting to publish the post:

WordPress Publish Setting

Another helpful tool on the WordPress page is the ‘Screen Options’ in the upper right corner.

Also on your ‘Add New Post’ page is an option to provide some metadata for your post.  You can add Categories and Tags that you can use to provide keywords to describe what your post is about.  Now you can ‘Preview’ your post before you publish it.

We just set up a blog and created a post in about 25 minutes.

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