FYS 183: Warm Regards; On Letter Writing

Canvas: https://muhlenbergcollege.instructure.com/courses/4164

When was the last time you sat down and wrote—not typed but “pen and paper” wrote—a letter to someone? Received a letter? This course will examine the importance of letter writing in our culture. We will explore the extent to which, as some cultural critics claim, letter writing is dying and what implications that might have for our culture. But we will also consider alternative possibilities—that, rather than dying, letter writing is assuming new and vital forms. We will look at letter writing as a cultural practice, examining famous letters in a historical context, learning about who writes letters and why, and analyzing the impact of digital technology on letter writing. And yes, there will be some actual letter writing! We will also be writing analyses that engage what scholars in various disciplines wish to teach us about the subject.