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I like to read, it’s true.  Many people assume that is why I became a librarian.  Many people also assume, that as a librarian, I get to read books all the time.  I do read a lot, but since becoming a librarian, I certainly don’t read as many books as I would like to.  What I do read a lot of is email.  DailyLit offers a way to combine the things you want to read with the thing you spend a lot of time reading already.  Now you can read books an email at a time in three easy steps:  find a book, enter your email, subscribe.  You can determine what time you want to receive your installment.

I’ve been wanting to re-read Anna Karenina for a while now.  I’ve started to a few times, but I never have enough time to get through it.  Now I can schedule my readings an email at a time.  The emails are kept short and only take 2-5 minutes to read.  For example, Anna Karenina will come to you in 423 easy to read installments.  War and Peace (another classic I need to read one of these days) will come to you in 663 easy installments.

At a library I used to work in, I used to grab a book before I got on the elevator because this particular elevator was prone to breaking down.  With DailyLit, I don’t need to grab a book because I can read it on my phone.  If you want to read more than one installment, you can just request the next one.  I use Gmail, too, so I can label my emails and easily retrieve my books as well.  Stuck in traffic?  Waiting in line at the grocery store?  In a never ending meeting?

Another plus is that it is completely free.  The only negative (minor one) is that it does not have the selection of an Amazon or a Barnes&Noble, but it has enough offerings to keep you reading for a while.  Especially in the classics.  Perhaps now I can actually read all those classic novels that everyone expects me to have read already!

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  1. Peter Barber

    March 2, 2012 at 11:50 am

    Also also delivers books by email, but allows you to upload your own books aswell.

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