Tech Tip Tuesday: Read Faster

Last week I gave you DailyLit, a service that sends you bit of a book to your email, the only place we tend to spend a lot of time reading.  This week, I will keep with my reading theme.  With the amount of information we consume each and every day through reading, there still seems to be so much to read.  Because of this, many people are often looking for ways to improve their reading speed.

The deluge of online and electronic texts did not create this need for reading faster.  There have long been speed reading programs such as the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, as well as speed reading tips.  There have also been many web-based programs to help you improve your reading speed, such as ZapReader and is my personal favorite, it highlights the text and greys out the surrounding text (compared to some other services that either show one word or sentence at a time), you can adjust the text size or the background color, it scores you and makes it easy to adjust your speed, and you can install a bookmarklet to easily pull text into

To get a quick overview of how it works, check out their video then head over to and give it a try:

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